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Ecaros is the manufacturer of European Infrared Heating

We are the manufacturer of high quality infrared heating. Ecaros makes the infrared panels in Germany and distributes them throughout Europe to 450 wholesalers, chain stores and installers.

Ecaros infrared panels are known to have a long life, and can last up to 20 years. We have been manufacturing infrared heating in our factory since 2008 and have supplied more than 50 thousand heat panels.

Ecaros is the brand of infrared heating that is appreciated by many users and also by sellers.

The energy transition from gas to electric heating has done us Ecaros no harm. More and more wholesalers and chain stores are selling our products. Everyone is switching to electric heating and Ecaros infrared heating is the solution. Become an Ecaros partner now.

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Ecaros infrared products

Only top quality products

Ecaros infrared panel glass

Glass infrared panels

Infrared panels made of glass for wall and ceiling. Available in all RAL colours. Our glass infrared panels are among the best-selling infrared heaters.

metal infrared panels

Metal heat panel

Metal heat panel for wall and ceiling mounting. Available in all RAL colours. The metal infrared panels are strong and provide excellent infrared heat.

Ecaros mirror with heating

Mirror with heating

Mirror with infrared heating. Available in all sizes. The infrared panels with mirror are bestsellers in the shops. Mirror heating is a must have.

Ecaros infrared heating photo

Heating poster

Heating poster, also called infrared heating painting is popular among consumers. It is available in all sizes and panels are printed with the customer's choice.

Towel dryer

Towel dryer

Ecaros' towel dryer, also known as a towel warmer, is the best of its kind in terms of design and reliability. It is made in Germany and is reliable and long-lasting.

Infrared heating chalkboard

Infrared heating chalkboard

Infrared heating chalkboard from Ecaros, the black infrared panel made of glass on which chalk can be written. Chalkboard heating is one of the best-selling kitchen products.

ral colour infrared panel

RAL Infrared panel colour

Infrared panel RAL colour. Your clients can choose any colour they like. A coloured infrared panel fits in every household and business premises.

led heating

LED heating

Led heating from Ecaros for the bathroom, ceiling, hallway and bedroom. The infrared panel with LED light strip. Consumers find the duo combination perfect.

ecaros thermostats

Eacaros thermostats

Thermostats of Ecaros for all infrared panels and radiators. Easy to operate and connect to mobile phone app. Different types of thermostats.

Our Vision

A green future

founders ecaros infrared heating

Eugene Verbraak and Freek Houtepen, the founders of Ecaros, are convinced that everyone in the world can contribute to the well-being of our planet. If we don't want to destroy the future of our children, grandchildren and all generations to come, we urgently need to reduce our carbon footprint.

In our vision, we see an all-electric solution in all homes that will enable us to reduce CO2 emissions to a minimum. The heating of a modern home will also increasingly be electrically powered.

Ecaros pursues the goal of heating homes by means of sustainable and energy-efficient infrared heating.

Ecaros infrared panels are designed for long-lasting heating. At Ecaros, the future already began yesterday.
We are constantly improving what is good, which is why we are constantly investing in product developments and improved production processes, so that we can justify ourselves to future generations with a clear conscience.

As a manufacturer of infrared heating systems, we do our bit for a green and clean future. Ecaros also strives to keep its footprint on this planet as small as possible, by making its production processes as green as possible.

Ecaros infrared panels are subjected to a thorough final inspection piece by piece before
they are sent to our customers in recyclable packaging.

Our production processes are tuned so that a minimum of green energy is needed to produce our panels. In addition, most of the work is done by people, so Ecaros can also play a major role in employment.

Human values and environmentally friendly entrepreneurship are of paramount importance to us. All our infrared panels are 99% recyclable so that, after years of economical operation, they have a minimal impact on our planet.

All the panels we put on the market meet the strictest inspection standards and are designed to heat your home for decades without any maintenance costs.

Ecaros produces in Germany and therefore gives a European guarantee on the proper functioning of its infrared panels.

Ecaros infrared panels use a minimum of energy and deliver a maximum radiation output of 10,000 Nm. This makes Ecaros infrared panels one of the most economical panels on the market.

Fast heating, efficient energy use and an optimal coating to guarantee a radiation factor of over 0.95. These are the special characteristics of Ecaros infrared heating.

International distributors wanted

Become a partner

Ecaros is one of the market leaders in infrared heating systems. We deliver high quality infrared panels at affordable prices to the European market.

To promote and expand its global presence, Ecaros has opened a new European headquarters in the Benelux, from which we will further develop business partnerships in Europe, the Middle East and America.

We are actively seeking International Distributors who; are both willing and able to join us in developing exponential international growth.

Ideal candidates have experience in the energy and/or heating market and have an existing base of contacts to work with.

Ecaros is a fast-growing company that can provide win-win profitability.If you are interested in this unique opportunity to work with us, we would like to make an appointment for an introduction.

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