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Infrared panels with RAL colours

Buying Infrared Panels from the Manufacturer Ecaros?

Ecaros RAL colour infrared panel glass

The RAL colour infrared panel from Ecaros is made of extra strong safety glass and is available in numerous colours. The consumer can choose from more than 200 colours and shades. At 2 cm, they are ultra-thin and have a floating look.

Due to the wide range of colours available, we are convinced that there is always a suitable colour heater that matches the interior design of the respective home or office. By choosing your own colour, you personalise the infrared panel.

RAL is a standardisation for colours, so it never deviates. The colour is exactly how the consumer has it in mind. Not too light and not too dark, but exactly right. That is the advantage of a standardised colour system.

heat panel with colour

The world is more beautiful in colour

It does not always have to be black or white, especially when you choose an infrared heater from Ecaros. The Ecaros panels are available in any RAL colour. Everything is possible with Ecaros infrared heating.

The possibilities are endless, a rainbow of colours make a home or business premises sparkle, while the room fills with wonderful infrared warmth. Thanks to the Ecaros innovative mounting system, it offers a stable and secure grip on the wall or ceiling.

Does your client want royal blue in the bedroom or does he or she prefer a touch of mischief with an infrared panel in cherry red? Your client decides on the colours, from flowing pastels to contrasting accent colours.

Individually designed and quickly delivered

Due to the enormous selection of colours and varying customer requirements, each coloured infrared panel from Ecaros is produced individually. Choose the size of the panel, the number of watts and the RAL colour.

The coloured infrared panels are then individually designed and produced in the Ecaros factory in Germany. Within one week, the Ecaros electric heat panels are finished and ready for installation on the wall or ceiling.

Ecaros RAL-colour infrared panels meet the same high quality standards as other Ecaros infrared glass panels. This means that they are made of robust ESG safety glass, are 100% made in Germany, have high-quality polished edges and are equipped with high-quality carbon technology.

RAL colour infrared panel size and wattage

An Eacros RAL colour infrared panel, just like the other glass panels, is available in various sizes and wattages. This makes it suitable for application in various large and small spaces. As a reseller or installer, would you like to receive more information about our Ecaros line? Then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dimensions in mm

Input wattage




Masterbox size cm

Per pallet

600 x 600 x 20

360 watts


9.6 kg

white, black, RAL colours

67 x 68 x 9


600 x 900 x 20

550 watts


13.5 kg

white, black, RAL colours

67 x 95 x 9


600 x 1200 x 20

750 watts


17.3 kg

white, black, RAL colours

67 x 125 x 9


600 x 1500 x 20

950 watts


22.0 kg

white, black, RAL colours

67 x 155 x 9