Mirror with heating

Mirror with heating

Infrared mirrors Buy from the manufacturer Ecaros?

Beautiful mirror with heating

An Ecaros mirror with heating is a must-have electric heater. Very economical in consumption, beautiful to look at and ideal for the bathroom, dressing room or living room. Thanks to the slim design of the Ecaros mirror with heating with only 2 cm, the heating is also space-saving.

Our Ecaros infrared mirror heats the bathroom comfortably and quickly with its wonderful radiant heat. This mirror heating looks breathtakingly beautiful with its rounded corners and sleek design.

This Ecaros mirror with heating is an eye-catcher in every room, but in a bathroom area the heat panel certainly comes into its own. A bathroom with a beautiful Ecaros infrared mirror that radiates a wonderful warmth from the sun is something every consumer wants to experience.

Mirror with heating in the bathroom

Bathroom mirror with heating

The Ecaros mirror with heating is one of our bestsellers. Consumers are amazed by the result. Economical and healthy warmth in the bathroom area. Moreover, the mirror does not fog up due to the vapour of showering.

That is one of the great advantages of infrared mirror heating in the bathroom. The walls also remain dry, which means that mould has no chance. Your customers enjoy the wonderful radiant heat that escapes from a mirror, which cannot fog up.

The Ecaros infrared mirror can be hung beautifully horizontally above the washbasin, but vertical placement against the wall is also no problem for this powerhouse. This is thanks to the universal mounting brackets which are mounted on this mirror with heating.

Pure luxury and comfortable warmth

For the consumer, an Ecaros mirror with heating means pure luxury and pleasant warmth. The mirror panels are made of heat-resistant ESG safety glass with ESHC technology.

By combining these with the best heating components, the Ecaros heat panels achieve maximum efficiency and optimum radiation factor. The mirror panel has an IP44 classification, which means that they are splashproof.

This economical IR mirror panel may therefore be used in bathrooms or other damp spaces. The surface is light chrome-plated and is also available with LED lighting. Infrared mirror with lighting is space-saving thanks to its thin construction of 2 cm.

infrared mirror bathroom

Dimensions and wattages mirror panel

Of course, the Ecaros mirror with heating is available in different sizes and wattages so that they can be used in various rooms. In the bathroom, clothing room, entrance hall or living room. Installers, resellers and construction companies can always contact us for further information about our Ecaros products. Ecaros is the infrared heater manufacturer in Europe

Dimensions in mm

Input wattage




Masterbox size cm

Per pallet

600 x 600 x 20

360 watts


9.6 kg


67 x 68 x 9


600 x 900 x 20

550 watts


13.5 kg


67 x 95 x 9


600 x 1200 x 20

750 watts


17.3 kg


67 x 125 x 9


600 x 1500 x 20

950 watts


22.0 kg


67 x 155 x 9